LHG Meat-A-Thon

Sunday, November 13, Lemont, IL, 11am – 3pm
A Carnivorous Challenge.  A Plethora of Protein.  Because if you eat 26 ounces of meat, you deserve a medal.


The LHG Meat-A-Thon

Here’s your chance to compete in the inaugural LHG Meat-A-Thon. Located in Historic Downtown Lemont, your challenge is to visit 13 stations – each with a different 2 ounce serving of meat. It’s a plethora of protein during this celebration of carnivores!

You have 4 hours to complete the challenge (from 11am – 3pm on Sunday, November 13).

Please note, you must be 18 years of age (or older) to participate.


Each competitor will receive a long-sleeve t-shirt, featuring the names of the locations you’ll visit on the back.


Finish the challenge and earn the “Golden T-Bone” Medal


Thank You To Our Participating Vendors

More to be announced as we get closer to the event.  Vendors and offerings are subject to change.

Please note:  photos are from restaurants and showcase what you get at the restaurant.  Event portions are 2 ozs.

Barrel & Vine
Mini Beef Wellingtons

Barrel & Vine
Teryaki Glazed Beef Kabobs

Texas Red Chili

Big Ed’s Shed
Texas Red Chili

Heroes West Lemont
Hamburger Slider

Matt’s Barbecue
Pulled Pork

Matt’s Barbecue

Matt’s Barbecue
1/2 Sausage

Mucha Salsa
Beef Taco

Mucha Salsa
Chicken Taco

Next Mex
Beef Brisket Birria Taco

The Phoenix Kitchen and Cocktails
14-Hour Slow Roasted Pork Belly, Butternut Squash Nage, House Grown Microgreens and Aged Balsamic

Villa Nova Pizza

Wooden Paddle
Two Fried Meatballs from Hand-Rolled Prime Chuck Beef, Marinara, Freshly Grated Parm, and Basil Chiffonade (fried in peanut oil)

Some people think running 26 miles is a challenge.  You’ll sweat just as much after putting away 26 ounces of meat.  


Thank You To Our Sponsors

DM Foot & Ankle Associates


Make a Meal Out of this Challenge!

Top Photo courtesy of Matt’s Barbecue.  You’ll be eating Matt’s pulled pork during the LHG Meat-A-Thon.